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How A Travel Pro Stays Safe from COVID

This is great advice from a professional road warrior: "When I check into my [hotel] room, I clean every surface with wipes — all door handles, light switches, the remote control and the phone. In the bathroom, I also wipe down the showerhead.”

Hälsa Foods CEO Mika Manninen has been on the road for about 3/4 of 2020.  That's a lot of travel for anyone, and an incredible amount of time for someone to be traveling during Covid-19.  But his company is lean and they have farms and facilities all over the world, so he developed a strict routine years ago to protect himself from the flu, and it's coming in handy these days.  He decided that it was too risky to ask his employees to travel for the company so he does all the travel himself.  Cool move in our opinion.

What's encouraging is that Manninen follows the KnightCase Inspect, Clean & Cover guidelines and takes them to the next level - we were impressed.  What he does related to hotel rooms is interesting too.  He limits who can can come in the room in particular.  He lets the cleaning staff in only once every 4 days and deposits any used towels and other items at his hotel room door.

Manninen also has some smart ways to stay safe when he's on airplanes, taxis, and going to meetings.  Check out this smart article to see how: