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Investigation: Hotels Not Changing Sheets

For travelers like us, this was immensely frustrating to hear - some hotels are not changing sheets or cleaning between guests.  And in the middle of a pandemic?!  Not cool.  Please take active measures to protect yourself.  When you get to your hotel room, go through the KnightCase Protect Yourself Checklist:

  1. Inspect - does it look like the room was cleaned?  Does it look like the sheets were changed?  Do the bathroom countertops look wiped?  How about the bathroom floor?  If you think the room was not cleaned thoroughly, call the front desk right away.

  2. Clean - If you brought your own disinfectant cleaning wipes, clean the basics in a precautionary manner, including bathroom countertops and fixtures, toilet seat, light switches, bed side tables and lamp/light switches, and the desk.  If you didn't bring wipes, don't worry, get the water running hot in the sink and use a washcloth with body wash or hand soap and wipe those areas - obviously don't make it too wet, just damp enough to wipe with light soapy water.  Soap is a surfactant, it works.

  3. Cover - use your KnightCase to cover your hotel pillow, which we know often harbors whatever the previous guest had.  If you forgot your KnightCase - Don't Forget Your KnightCase! - grab a towel from the bathroom and cover the pillow you're going to use.  Just make sure the towel seems clean.  It's not a virus or bacteria stopper like KnightCase, but it sure helps. 

Here's the Inside Edition article and investigation video that got us all riled up this morning:

Here's a snippet of what the investigators saw:

"But when Inside Edition returned to the same room under a different name, producers found that while the sheets and bathroom towel had been changed, the pillowcase had not – the Inside Edition logo still shining. The counter area above the minibar and the remote control also had not been wiped between guests. 

When a manager arrived after she was called up to the room, she saw the cameras and walked away."

For our KnightCase community, we urge you to take precautions - bring your own cleaning wipes, and follow the 3-Part KnightCase Protect Yourself Checklist: Inspect, Clean, Cover.