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Why Inspect Clean & Cover? ABC Explains

OK this video is a little over the top, but it explains why you need to Inspect, Clean & Cover when you are using somebody else's pillow - whether it's a hotel room, a guest room, or even a pillow from someone in your own family.  Old pillows are like collectors, and not the kind you see on Antiques Roadshow.  They collect dust mites, mold, dandruff, and, you guessed it, bacteria and viruses.

At home you can just go get a new pillow - they're fairly cheap and you can buy them online.  Replacing your pillows every now and then is just a good practice, or at least wash them now and then.  Do pillows stand up after washings?  Usually not, but at least you know what to do to protect yourself.

Here's the ABC News video, please let us know what you think:

In the video, you'll watch them test 8 pillows collected randomly from people's homes.  The dirtiest pillows - about as much bacteria as a dirty kitchen sink!

Microscopic dust mites are a serious allergy concern.  University of Arizona Microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba explains, "Sweat and other types of organic matter get into the the pillow and it creates a forum for them to survive and potentially grow."  So whether it's dust mites causing allergies or bacteria and viruses making you sick, change your pillow at least once every two years and, if you have to travel... wait for it... Don't forget your KnightCase!